Policy Development and Implementation


  • Describe the policy process in the context of the strategic direction process
  • Recognise the need for policy
  • Apply the principles of policy formulation
  • Apply the principles of policy integration
  • Apply the principles of policy implementation
  • Apply the principles of evaluating policy


 Module 1- Strategic Direction Process and Determining Requirements

  • Link Strategic Direction Process with Policy Process
  • Need for Policy
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Resource Requirements
  • Policy Options
  • Policy Development Strategy

Module 2- Policy Formulation and Integration

  • Composition and Quality Control
  • Articulating the Policy
  • Principles of Policy Integration
  • Policy Approval

Module 3- Policy Implementation

  • Implementation Instructions
  • Resource considerations
  • Implementation Techniques and Mechanisms
  • Control Mechanisms

Module 4- Evaluating Policy

  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Evaluation Mechanisms
  • Review of Policy
  • Workshop: 3 Days

Portfolio Building: 3 weeks

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