Formulate and evaluate Public Sector Policies and Regulations


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Formulate and evaluate public sector policies and regulations



Each Learning Unit can be presented as a separate short course if required

Course Duration: 3 days

Course Outline:

Module 1: Role of Government

    • The role of parliament
    • The role of the executive outlining the specific responsibilities.
    •  The different spheres of government
    • Difference between a law and policy
    • Identify and interpret public policy issues and problems
    • The tools and processes to design and implement acts and policies
    • The process for formulating, submitting, promulgating and implementing acts within the public
    • The process for designing and implementing public sector policies

Module 2: Conduct policy design through evaluation of different policy alternatives

    • Different criteria to evaluate policy alternatives. 
    • Policy alternatives with reference to specific policy problems and results presented. 

Module 3: Apply basic cost-benefit analysis techniques to evaluate different policy alternatives. 

    • Categories of costs and benefits of specific policy options. 
    • Qualitative variables in policy recommendations
    • Techniques for financial decision-making
    • Effective policy implementation

MODULE 4: Apply ethical principles to policy design and analysis.  

    • Ethical principles¬† in policy design and analysis
    • Positive and normative analysis
    • Quantifying preferences
    • Individual vs Collective choices
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