Facilitation Skills

The Facilitator course is approved at the ETDP SETA and aligned with the following Unit Standard:

Unit Standard

NQF level



Conduct targeted training and development using given methodologies




Course Duration: 5 days (Including practical assessment)

Course Outline:

Module 1: Education Training and Development Practises in Context

  1. National Training and Development Strategy
    1. Training and development legislation
    2. Training and development institutions, frameworks and policies
    3. Qualifications and certification
  2. Trends and theories about Training and Development
    1. Purpose of Training and Development
    2. Training models
    3. Types of training and development programmes

Module 2: Plan and Design Learning Events

  1. Decide on the content of the learning event by,
  2. Formulate the outcomes to be achieved in the learning event
  3. Develop activities, which will enable learners to achieve the intended outcomes; and uses an appropriate methodology consistently.
  4. Create, select and adapt learner support materials
  5. Revise the activities if necessary.
  6. Develop or adapt assessment activities
  7. Evaluate the learning event plan and materials
  8. Record the learning event plan

Module 3: Facilitate a skills development programme

  1. Prepare a learning environment that is appropriate for effective learning.
  2. Encourage dialogue between:
    1. learners and learners; and
    2. learners and the practitioner.
  3. Recap knowledge to link to previous learning.

Clarify goals/outcomes of the learning activity

  1. Implement learning activities

Consolidate learning activity

  1. Evaluate the learning activity.
  2. Maintain administrative system.

NOTE:          Any of these modules can be combined to suit your company specific needs

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