Conducting Staff Selection Interviews

The programme is designed to equip managers to conduct effective staff selection interviews.


At the end of the course, the learner will be capable of:

  • Documenting staff selection procedures
  • Advertising for shortlist candidates for selection interview
  • Conducting selection interviews and making employment decisions
  • Conducting contract with successful candidate and notifying unsuccessful candidates of the results.


Module 1: The Integrated HR Model

  • Overview of the Integrated HR Model
  • HR Planning
    • The role of Succession planning and Employment equity in the recruitment process
    • Strategic objectives and priorities
    • Critical and Scarce skills
  • The Recruitment and Selection Process
    • Various Selection Instruments
  • Legislation

Module 2: Job Analysis

  • Purpose of Job Analysis
  • Job Description
  • Competency profiling

Module 3: Advertising and Short listing

  • Advertising strategy
  • Short listing process
  • Selection Criteria

Module 4: Preparing for the Interview

  • Competency based interview questions
  • Panel preparation

Module 5: The Selection Interview

  • Pitfalls of an Interview
  • The competency based interview
  • Questioning techniques
  • Interview skills
  • The role of panel members
  • Documentation of the interview
  • Evaluation Tools
  • Selection Decision
  • Feedback

Candidates will be required to do a fifteen-minute interview during the course; this interview will be assessed for competence.

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