Change Management

The aim of this course is to assist Managers with the tools and processes to manage transformation effectively


Change Management Context

  • Transformation process
  • Identify the need for change
  • Identify the change problem
  • The change environment

Transformational Leadership

  • Transactional versus Transformational leaders
  • Transformational Leader characteristics
  • The role of the Transformational leader in the change process
  • Becoming a Transformational leader

Change Management: The people side of change

  • Psychological reaction to a change process
  • Dealing with people’s fears
  • Clarify expectations and concerns
  • Obtain buy-in and commitment from people

ADKAR – a change management model for organizations

  • ADKAR – a change management model
  • Change Management process
  • Application of ADKAR

Appreciative enquiry and change

  • Appreciative enquiry
  • The impact of appreciative enquiry on a change process

Identification of stakeholders by using the Logical Framework Approach

  • Identification of Stakeholders
  • The Logical Framework Approach
  • Applying the Logical Framework Approach in a change context

Change Management Toolkit (Assessment tools, Planning guides, guidelines for change)

  • Assessment tools
  • Planning guides
  • Guidelines for change

Risk identification and contingency strategies

  • Risk identification tools
  • Risk identification process
  • Risk Analysis
  • Formulating contingency strategies

Change Management Strategies

  • Analyse different Change Management Strategies
  • Consider alternative options
  • Establish evaluation criteria for a Change Management Strategy
  • Choosing a Change Management Strategy

Define your change management strategy

  • Formulating change management outcomes and objectives
  • Identify success indicators

Preparing your organisation for change

  • Creating a need for change
  • Establish a communication strategy
  • Lewin’s change model

Managing change

  • Change management techniques and methods
  • Create a supportive environment

Reinforcing change

  • Systems and processes
  • Ensuring sustainability of Transformation
  • Obtain buy-in and commitment

Implementing change strategies in your organization

  • Compiling an implementation plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Collecting and analyzing feedback

  • Data collection and research methods
  • Data analysis

Gap analysis and manage resistance to change

  • Gap analysis
  • Identify barriers in the change process
  • Dealing with change barriers

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Monitoring tools for a change process
  • Quality assurance

Implementing corrective actions and celebrating success

    • Identify improvement gaps
    • Corrective measures
    • Implementing corrective actions
    • Celebrating change
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